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About Us

Our Mission

Greenwell Healthcare will provide safe, compassionate, reliable, primary care to patients in the comfort of their home.

Why Greenwell Health?

Crown Health’s approach to health care tackles three critical aspects of senior care: the rising cost of care, the availability of care, and the increased need for care as seniors age. Providing regular mobile care reduces the need for urgent care, ER visits, and on-site emergency medical attention, as well as the disruption those may cause for patients, their families and caregivers. Mobile care has proven to reduce overall costs, ER visits, and hospital readmissions. Our mobile medical services, including labs and X-rays, helps better manage chronic conditions, placing less stress on caregivers.

Equally important is the care and compassion we bring to our patients. With regular checkups, medication management, and pain and wound management, we help patients manage any illness or discomfort they may experience. 

Contact us today to learn about how we can serve you or partner with your senior housing community.

Why Crown Health?

It’s not every day that a group of close coworkers and most importantly friends, get an opportunity to build a second successful company together. Our story is one of compassion, perseverance, and dedication. Back in 2012, a company called Crown Health “Medical House Call Service” was established in Seattle Washington. Crown Health was the second successful house call service Traci founded in Washington state. Crown Health grew quickly and warranted the need to employ other like-minded Practitioners within a couple months of it’s inception. The first Practitioner Traci hired in 2013 was Laura Uhlmansiek (pr: UL-Man-Seek) ARNP, AGNP, Adult & Geriatric Practitioner. Laura was exactly what Crown Health needed. Traci and Laura became very adept at the house call delivery model. They designed workflow and erected systems that helped support their plight to provide elderly and vulnerable patients with the most well-rounded care possible.

The company grew quickly and shortly thereafter Dr. Raymond Hutson DO was hired in 2015. Traci knew Dr. Hutson after working with him in the Emergency Department for Providence Health & Services. This leadership team under the direction of Traci, coupled with the other caring team members at Crown Health, built the largest house call practice of it’s time in the Pacific Northwest from 2012- 2020. Still in operation today, Crown Health is now owned by Concerto Care, a national company. Crown Health grew at a rapid pace which motivated Traci to hire Scott Brunner as CEO. 

In February of 2020, Traci sold Crown Health one week before the Covid-19 pandemic. The timing was unprecedented, but the acquisition made sense. Crown Health had grown rapidly, which substantiated the need for some extra help. At that time, Traci took a sabbatical but knew she’d eventually return to build a third and final house call practice. The inception of GreenWell Healthcare & Medical House Call Services happened in late 2022. We vow to serve the patients of the southwest with the same zest and passion we did at Crown Health. We are rested, reinvigorated and ready to serve you! We know how to successfully serve patients in this non-traditional space, give us a chance to serve you. Call GreenWell today to sign up for one of our many services; Primary Care, Urgent Care, Telemedicine & Annual Wellness Visits. We accept all major insurances.  We look forward to serving you!

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