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Urgent Care

There When You Need Us

GreenWell Health offers several options to

address urgent and time-sensitive healthcare needs.

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Virtual Urgent Care

Schedule a same-day or next-day virtual appointment for urgent concerns with Greenwell Health.


In-Person Urgent Care

GreenWell Health offers in-person home visits for acute problems that arise in between Primary Care appointments.  Most in-person home visits can be booked within 72 hours of contacting our office.  Call or fax us with information about the patient’s condition so that we can triage and schedule a provider effectively.

Phone: 480-847-CARE (2273)      Fax: 480-847-2271

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On-Call Coverage

GreenWell Health provides on-call, after-hours, and weekend coverage for urgent needs.  Call our main number to be connected to the On-Call provider.

Phone: 480-847-CARE (2273) ext. 101

With multiple options to see our patients in time-sensitive situations, GreenWell Health is ready when called.

Some urgent care visits we frequently see include:

Following up on ER or hospital discharges

Abnormal RPM findings

Fever (>100.5°)

Gastrointestinal Issues (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, blood in stool)

Abdominal Pain 

Falls and other injuries (sprains, strains, contusions)

Lower extremity edema

Limb/joint changes

COPD exacerbations

Sinusitis (Acute bacterial and viral infections)

Pharyngitis/tonsilitis (peritonsillar abscesses)

Otitis media (ear infection)

Otalgia (ear pain)

Eye infections (conjunctivitis, eye redness or drainage, styes)

Changes in vision or hearing

Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)

Mouth sores (or similar problems)

Generalized pain

Blood sugar changes (hypo/hyperglycemia)

Foot issues/neuropathy

Skin breakdown (other skin conditions or rashes)

Skin abscesses and boils

Lacerations and wound care

Suture removal

Upper Respiratory Infections -URI (coughing, wheezing, excess sputum or sinus drainage, nasal congestion, aspiration)

Pneumonia and bronchitis

UTI symptoms (dark urine, blood in urine, painful urination, decrease urinary output)

Altered mental status

Suspected medication interactions

Hypertensive/hypotensive episodes (abnormal blood pressures)

Agitation and combativeness (Psychiatric changes)

Delirium and other mood changes


Neurological changes

And other urgent care needs

Criteria for needing an urgent visit would include problems that cannot wait longer than 24-48 hours but are not life threatening. Please contact 911 for all immediate or life-threatening care needs.

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