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Primary Care Services

Distinct and Personal Care

At GreenWell Health, our primary care providers are equipped to handle a full spectrum of primary care services for geriatric patients. We understand the unique healthcare needs and concerns of older adults and work closely with specialists from various medical fields to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive and personalized care. 

Our dedicated care team visit patients where they reside on a consistent basis, working directly with community staff, specialists, family members and caregivers to ensure our patients health needs are addressed in a timely, attentive and appropriate manner.

Routine primary care services include regular check-ups, management of chronic conditions, preventive screenings, medication refills, immunizations, ordering lab work and imaging, and coordination of care with other providers including specialists, home care services, and therapists.

GreenWell Health’s Comprehensive Primary Care model provides:

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Transitional Care

Focuses on helping patients to achieve a smooth transition from one healthcare setting to another. It primarily serves to ensure continuity of care for patients during critical junctures such as when they discharge from the hospital back to the community or transfer between healthcare providers. By facilitating effective care coordination and collaboration with the discharging institutions, transitional care management will help to minimize errors, prevent hospital readmissions and optimize the healing process. This patient-centered approach is one that GreenWell Health takes very seriously as it helps patients properly integrate into the next phase of their medical journey.

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Gero-Psych Management

Geriatric Psychiatry ("Gero-Psych”) is the specialized management of mental health disorders that more typically are found in the older adult demographic. As adults age they often face behavioral health challenges that require specialized care and management. Gero-psych management recognizes the complex interplay between overall physical health, cognitive function, and emotional well-being. The providers at GreenWell Health deliver a multidimensional approach that takes into account the patient's unique needs and circumstances, and often collaborate with Geriatric Psychiatrists to help tailor treatment goals and obtain guidance in complicated cases.

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Medication Management

The providers at GreenWell Health prescribe, monitor, manage, optimize and refill medications for patients within the primary care setting. Medication Management involves various activities focused on ensuring safe, effective, and appropriate use of medications to achieve desired health outcomes. Patient, caregiver, and power of attorney (POA) education is of critical importance when providing comprehensive medication management for patients. At GreenWell Health, we work closely with long-term care pharmacies and retail pharmacies that deliver medications directly to the patient's residence. Utilizing delivery-service pharmacies helps to eliminate the hassle of making frequent trips to the pharmacy when changing medications.  

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Wound Care Management

GreenWell Health clinicians assess, treat and manage the healing process for patients with many types of comorbidities. The goal of wound management is to better promote and optimize healing as well as prevent complications that slow the healing process. GreenWell Health providers collaborate with both wound specialists and home health to bring the best multidisciplinary approach to wound care. Keeping patients comfortable at home provides an ideal environment for rapid wound healing. Advanced wound techniques, such as negative pressure wound therapy and tissue stimulator therapies, can also be leveraged in the home setting to improve outcomes and accelerate healing. 

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Pain Management

The primary goal of pain management is to improve the quality of life for patients, minimizing pain and promoting functional ability. Pain management recognizes that pain is a complex and subjective experience, and treatment plans are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient. GreenWell Health providers manage the following modalities in order to afford patients the most optimal process for controlling their pain: medications (non-narcotic & narcotic), physical therapy, minimally invasive procedures, psychological support, complementary/alternative therapies, and lifestyle modifications.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

GreenWell Health participates in the remote patient monitoring (RPM) program where we track certain metrics such as daily weights, daily blood pressures, blood sugars, and other diagnostic measures via a device that is kept in the patient’s home. Remote patient monitoring lets providers manage acute and chronic conditions, cutting down on travel, prevent acute episodes, and avoid infection risk. The results from the patient’s RPM device are transmitted back to personnel who remotely monitor the information. If a finding falls outside of normal limits, the patient, caregiver, or POA will be notified, along with the doctor. If the finding is found to be accurate, modifications will be made to help stabilize the patient.

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Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a healthcare service designed to provide comprehensive and coordinated care to individuals with chronic conditions. Chronic conditions are long-term conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and hypertension (HTN). GreenWell Health provider’s goal is to help each patient achieve the best overall quality of life they can while managing these comorbid conditions. Our collaborative processes involve coordinating with several members of the multidisciplinary team to better manage care for the patient. CCM provides a proactive and patient-centered approach, focused on prevention, to reduce acute episodes, decrease hospitalizations and emergency room visits.  Meeting the patient's care needs at home, in a safe and comfortable environment, can ultimately enhance the overall well-being of individuals with chronic conditions. The providers at GreenWell Health render the needed education and comprehensive support that affords better disease management.

Other Clinical Care Services Offered:

Greenwell Health coordinates care on behalf of our patients with the following ancillary services:

Mobile Laboratory

GreenWell Health offers mobile laboratory services for our patients, where a phlebotomist or medical assistant will draw blood for any labs your doctor may order, right in the comfort of your home.

Mobile Imaging

GreenWell Health partners with local diagnostic imaging companies to manage the imaging needs of our patients. We can order mobile x-rays, mobile ultrasounds, EKGs, and various other diagnostic imaging studies, performed right at the patient’s residence.


GreenWell Health partners with a local mobile pharmacy specializing in preparing medication prescriptions for homebound patients. Once an order has been prepared, a courier will deliver the medication directly to the home of the patient.

(Coming soon in 2024…. GreenWell Health will be opening our own in-house pharmacy to make it even more convenient for our patients!)


GreenWell Health partners with a local podiatrist to care for patient’s footcare needs. (Services dependent on area).


GreenWell Health has a relationship with local Dentists who make visits to certain Assisted Living Communities. (Services dependent on area).

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GreenWell Health is committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of care by offering a wide and comprehensive array of primary care services.   Our care model is proven to reduce hospitalizations, ER visits, and other acute episodes as well as better maintain a patient’s overall health and well-being. 

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