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Our Story

Passion and a Vision…

Ron and Terra Rodriguez, a devoted couple deeply rooted in Arizona, have embarked on a significant journey by partnering with GreenWell Health, aiming to leave a lasting impact on the community's primary care landscape. As Arizona natives, they have witnessed the state's remarkable growth firsthand and understand the evolving healthcare needs that come with such expansion. Ron, a Family Nurse Practitioner, and Terra, a Registered Nurse, share a profound commitment to enhancing the well-being of the adult and geriatric populations. Their collaboration with GreenWell Health is driven by a shared vision to actively support residents and facilities of assisted living and independent communities, ensuring the highest standards of care for residents and patients alike. Their approach is deeply personal; raising a family of five, including two children with special needs, has imbued them with an extraordinary depth of compassion and resilience. This personal journey has profoundly shaped their professional ethos, focusing on creating positive outcomes that resonate with their community values. Celebrating 29 years of marriage, the Rodriguezes are not just united in their personal lives but are also a formidable team in their professional endeavors. Their ambition transcends providing care; they aim to foster an environment where the community thrives, aligning seamlessly with GreenWell Health's mission to deliver compassionate, effective healthcare solutions that truly make a difference. Together, they are making a high impact not only within their family but also across the communities of Arizona, demonstrating the profound influence of partnership in both personal and professional realms.

We are rested, reinvigorated and ready to serve you! We know how to successfully care for patients in this non-traditional space. Call GreenWell Health today to sign up for one of our many services: Primary CareUrgent CareTelemedicine, and Annual Wellness Visits, to name just a few.  We accept all major insurances.  We look forward to compassionately and attentively caring for you, your loved ones, or those in your care

“Serving God by Caring for others”

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Why GreenWell Health?

GreenWell Health’s approach to healthcare tackles three critical aspects of senior care: the rising cost of care, the availability of care, and the increased need for care as seniors age. Providing regular mobile care reduces the need for urgent care, ER visits, and on-site emergency medical attention, as well as the disruption those may cause for patients, their families and caregivers. Mobile care has been proven to reduce overall costs as well as the number and frequency of ER visits and hospital readmissions. Our mobile medical services, including labs and imaging, help better manage chronic conditions, placing less stress on caregivers and patients.

​Equally important is the care and compassion we bring to our patients. Routine visits, responsive staff, and a coordinated effort allow us to better manage the continuum of care, resulting in the best quality of life for our patients. 


Contact us today to learn about how we can serve you or partner with your Senior Living Community.

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