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GreenWell Health Services

Providing Everything You Need

Greenwell Health is dedicated to bringing accessible healthcare to your community. Our team of healthcare providers offers comprehensive medical services, including diagnosis, treatment, referrals, and medication management, directly in the comfort and privacy of your residents' rooms.


We specialize in caring for residents in assisted living, adult family homes, and memory care communities, who often have complex and chronic health conditions that require specialized attention. Our approach is centered around providing collaborative and personalized care for your residents, with our providers visiting your community regularly to ensure their health needs are met.


We work closely with your staff, family members, and other medical specialists to coordinate and deliver care that is attentive, timely, and appropriate for each resident. With Greenwell Health, you can ensure that your residents receive the highest quality healthcare without the need for extensive travel or disruptions to their daily routines.

Doctor's Desk

Primary Care Services

At Greenwell Health, our primary care providers offer comprehensive and specialized primary care services for geriatric patients. We collaborate with various medical specialties to deliver the highest quality of care that is tailored to each individual's specific needs.

X-ray Examination

Mobile Phlebotomy, Radiology, and Lab Services

Crown Health coordinates mobile lab services, arranging for lab services to come to your facility at the request of one of your residents’ providersGreenwell Health offers a range of convenient mobile lab services for your facility. We coordinate lab testing services to be conducted onsite, based on the request of a healthcare provider. Additionally, we partner with X-ray and ultrasound services to provide comprehensive imaging solutions. Our goal is to ensure that residents have access to timely and convenient healthcare services without the need for them to travel to a separate lab or imaging center.. We also work with x-ray and ultrasound services to provide complete imaging for the community.

Prescription Medication

Medication Management, Including Psychiatric Medication

As your residents get older, their healthcare needs may change, and this could result in changes to their medication requirements. Greenwell Health offers expert providers who are equipped to prescribe the necessary medications and therapies to manage and enhance the health of your residents. Our providers will carefully monitor doses and potential interactions to minimize side effects and ensure that your residents receive the maximum benefits from their medications.

Doctor's Desk

Other Services

As primary care providers, we also coordinate and refer our patients to a variety of specialists:


  • Guardianship coordination 

  • Healthcare Specialists

  • Home health providers

  • Hospice providers

  • Insurance coordination

  • Wound care management

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