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Connecting Patients and Providers for Better Care

More Access to Your Care Team

Technological advances and widespread internet access have improved the ability to connect providers with their patients, which has been particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or that have complications arise between in-person visits. Telehealth provides GreenWell Health’s care team an opportunity to see patients virtually and assess care needs quickly and conveniently.  
Telehealth visits are available mornings, evenings, and of course during business hours.  


Better Care and Reduced Costs for Patients and Providers

Telehealth offers benefits for both patients and their healthcare team.

Easily schedule appointments and be seen sooner.
Eliminate costs and hassles associated with travel to the clinic or hospital.
Avoid illness and infection exposure by minimizing in-person interactions.
Reassurance and peace of mind for patients, caregivers, and family when unexpected health issues arise.


Ability to be more responsive to our patient’s needs and improve care efficiency with flexible scheduling options.
Better patient engagement and follow-up.
Increased patient satisfaction.
Follow up with RPM findings.
Lower costs, better care.

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