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It shouldn’t be difficult to get the care you deserve.

GreenWell Health Understands This

That’s why we provide comprehensive, coordinated, and responsive healthcare services for those with mobility issues or that may have difficulty going to see their doctor.  Our mobile primary care clinic brings the convenience of the doctor’s office directly to you.  With a team of dedicated, compassionate, and
patient-focused care providers, we offer a wide range of personalized medical services.

Our Services

GreenWell Health is dedicated to bringing accessible healthcare to our patients. We specialize in caring for residents in Senior Living, Adult Group Homes, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Behavioral Health communities, many who have complex and chronic health conditions that require specialized attention.  Our care models focus on providing collaborative and personalized care for our patients.

Comprehensive Primary Care

GreenWell Health has over 20 years’ experience in house call medicine managing the complexities of our unique patient’s healthcare needs.  Our board-certified providers diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions, prescribe medication, coordinate mobile labs and imaging, and provide referrals to specialists.

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Urgent Care

GreenWell Health offers Virtual Urgent Care, Coordinated In-Person Care, and On-Call coverage to ensure our patient’s acute care needs are managed effectively. 


Technology that improves access, convenience, communication, and care from the comfort of your own home.  GreenWell Health utilizes telehealth to stay connected to our patients and their healthcare needs.

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Our providers also offer other medical care services:

Transitional Care Management

Wound Care



Wellness Visits



Pain Management

Care Plans



Chronic Care Management

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

We also coordinate care with other providers, caregivers, and ancillary services:



Diagnostic Imaging


Home Health/Hospice

Care Coordination

Specialty Referrals

Insurance Coordination

Guardianship Coordination

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GreenWell Health believes in accessibility, convenience, compassion, and setting a high standard of care for our elderly and vulnerable adult patients by fostering relationships built on trust and respect, minimizing the burdens associated with traditional care models, and working relentlessly to improve health outcomes.

Our patients deserve wellness, joy, and a high quality of life.  GreenWell Health Understands.

Interprofessional Collaborations


Quarterly Employee Spotlight

Get to know one of our exceptional team members!

Rene Sherry is the Director of Administration for GreenWell Health Medical House Call Service. Rene is a HUGE asset to the team! Rene has worked in Healthcare for over 30 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Rene is experienced in several areas including; Medicare Part A/B Billing, Medical Coding, The Revenue Cycle, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable,  Medicare, Medicaid & other insurance credentialing, healthcare contracting, personnel management & administrative leadership.

Rene's been providing guidance & leadership in House Call Medicine for the last 6 years & has played a big role in preparing GreenWell Health for it's "launch date". 

Rene is a kind hearted person, with a friendly demeanor, who is easy to talk to. Rene is selfless & spends much of her time helping patients, POAs, caregivers & other employees with requests. At a moments notice, Rene will stop what she's working on to help somebody else. That is why Rene Sherry is our first pick for GreenWell Health's  "In The Spotlight", a quarterly recognition award that celebrates employee excellence.

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